Cuchara Mountain Park Advisory Committee

The Cuchara Mountain Park Advisory Committee of Huerfano County was created and exists through Resolution 17-14 by the Huerfano County Board of Commissioners, adopted on February 7, 2017, and is incorporated in these Bylaws herein.

The Cuchara Mountain Park Advisory Committee (CMPAC) shall advise the Huerfano County Board of Commissioners, hereinafter BOCC, with respect to the policy and operation of the Parker Fitzgerald Cuchara Mountain Park, hereinafter CMP, and shall review, comment, and provide recommendations to the Huerfano County Board of County Commissioners on any proposed recreation, recreation budget, programs, programs budget, grant applications and grant compliance, concessions, and all other decisions that affect the CMP and its public use in perpetuity according to the CMP property deed restriction filed in Huerfano County.


I. Name

The Board shall be known as the Cuchara Mountain Park Advisory Committee, herein after CMPAC.

II. Mission

Huerfano County’s Cuchara Mountain Park is an environmentally sensitive facility that offers year around opportunities for recreation, education, entertainment, special events and socializing, thus enhancing the welfare and enjoyment of its visitors and boosting the local economy.

III. Membership

The CMPAC shall consist of up to nine (9) members and no less than five (5) members who shall be recommended by the CMPAC and appointed by the BOCC, be residents or property owners of Huerfano County, and shall consist of, to the best of their ability, individuals representative of its constituents in Walsenburg, La Veta, Gardner and Cuchara.  The BOCC may, at its discretion request that a representative of the Huerfano County Parks and Recreation be a member of the CMPAC.


Section 1.   The general management of the affairs of CMPAC shall be vested in the members of the Advisory Committee, along with approved policies and procedures for the CMP, as ultimately approved by the BOCC.  The Cuchara Mountain Park Advisory Committee shall govern itself, conduct its business, make decisions and recommendations in such a way as to comport with the intent and policies established in the Huerfano County Board of County Commissioners Governing Policies Manual.

Section 2. The CMPAC exists for the purposes of, including, but not limited to, the Purposes and Responsibilities as adopted by the CMPAC on May 17, 2017 or as amended.

Section 3.  Recommendations for members of the CMPAC shall be submitted to the Huerfano County BOCC in December for the following year.

Section 4. The officers of the Executive Board shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer if a treasurer is deemed necessary. 

Section 5.  Terms of officers shall be two (2) years.

Section 6.  Officer vacancies shall be filled by a majority vote of the CMPAC.

Section 7.  Officers shall be elected at the first meeting following appointments by the BOCC.

Section 8.  Absences of members shall be delivered to the Secretary at least 24 hours prior to a called meeting.  If a Member is unexcused from a called meeting on more than 3 occasions said member may be removed by a majority vote of the CMPAC.

Section 9.  As approved on June 16, 2017 in a letter from the BOCC, the CMPAC may vote on and approve action items at a duly called meeting so long as all members of the CMPAC were notified within three (3) days of said meeting regardless of whether a quorum is present.

V. Duties of Officers

Section 1. President: The President shall be head of the Committee.  He or She shall preside at all meetings of the Committee and shall have all the general powers and duties which are usually vested in the office of President.

Section 2. Vice-President:  The Vice-President shall have all the powers and authority and perform all of the functions and duties of the President in the absence of the President or his or her inability to perform the duties of the President in cases of conflicts of interests.

Section 3. Secretary: The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings of the CMPAC.  Such duties may be delegated to a member of the CMPAC in cases of the Secretary's absence.  The Secretary shall ensure that all meeting minutes are distributed in a timely manner to members for review prior to the next official meeting and that approved minutes shall be posted on the CMP's website, shall there be a such a site.  The Secretary shall document meeting attendance.

VI. Sub-Committees

Section 1. Any and all sub-committees shall be governed by the Cuchara Mountain Park Advisory Committee Purpose and Responsibilities as approved by the BOCC on May 17, 2017 or as amended and incorporated to these Bylaws herein.

Section 2. The Executive Committee of the CMPAC may add additional sub-committees as it deems necessary to the operation and care of the CMP as outlined on Page 3 of said above document.

Section 3.  Each Sub-Committee shall appoint a 'Chairperson' who shall report to the CMPAC on a monthly basis or as requested.

Section 4. Each Sub-Committee has authority to meet and discuss said objectives outside the CMPAC meetings as needed to achieve their objective(s) and may request assistance from Huerfano County constituents or property owners who have expertise in a certain area and do not sit as a member of the CMPAC.

Section 5. Sub-Committees may be dissolved by the CMPAC when said objectives are completed or at the discretion of the BOCC.

VII. Meetings

Section 1. The CMPAC shall meet on a monthly basis or as needed at a date, time and location as agreed upon by a majority vote of the CMPAC or as set by the CMPAC President.

Section 2. The Secretary or a designee of the CMPAC shall notify all CMPAC members of said meeting date, time and location at least three (3) days prior to the meeting.

Section 3. Special meetings may be called by the President or other Executive Committee members at their discretion and shall attempt to coordinate a mutual meeting date, time and location with all other CMPAC members.

Section 4. Voting by CMPAC members shall be allowed in person or via phone participation.  Voting via email shall not be valid.

VIII. Rules of Order

The CMPAC shall generally follow the basic rules of order included in Robert’s Rules of Order and shall comply with the Huerfano County Governing Policies Manual

VIX. Amendments

Amendments to these bylaws may be proposed by any member at any regularly scheduled Board meeting.  Proposed amendments shall be voted upon at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting.  Amendments must be approved by a majority vote.  No amendments shall be valid if objected to by the BOCC.


APPROVED – 5-17-17





Purpose:  General oversight and maintenance of the CMP as an inviting, safe public recreation and educational area for residents and visitors of Huerfano County in perpetuity

·         Ensure the park is safely and securely maintained

·         Ensure park operation is in the best interest of the park and residents and visitors to CMP

·         Ensure that park operation and activities comply with mission, vision and master plan

·         Appoint members of the CMP advisory board

·         Monitor performance of CMP advisory board

CMP Advisory Board

Purpose:  Advise and assist the county in creating an inviting, safe, public recreation and educational area.

·         Provide general oversight of CMP needs, performance and needs

·         Work to create and promote programs and activities in compliance with mission and vision and master plan of CMP

·         Implement programs and activities outlined in master plan or as determined by the Advisory Committee or BOCC

·         Monitor performance of programs and activities in accordance with master plan

·         Make recommendations to BOCC

·         Openly communicate with BOCC regarding plans, progress and needs

Facilities, Security and Safety

Purpose:  Ensure that the CMP is maintained in a manner of optimum safety and that the equipment & property is kept in a secure manner.

·         Inventory Assets – Buildings, Equipment, Lifts

·         Determine Needs – Buildings, Equipment, Lifts

·         Assess Security Issues and develop a plan with timelines, estimated costs and recommendations about how to accomplish

·         Assess Safety Issues

·         Develop a plan with timelines, estimated costs and recommendations about how to accomplish

·         Prioritize Repairs/Remodeling Needs – Reflect in plan

·         Develop plans and procedures to ensure safety and security during events, activities and programs

·         Enlist and train volunteers as needed to help with safety and security of the park and county-sponsored events at the park

·         Develop policies and procedures for safety and security when other groups hold events at the park (maybe we can tweak what the county already has)

·         Work with other sub-committees to promote CMP goals and activities

·         Make Recommendations to BOCC

·         Keep BOCC and Advisory Committee informed of progress

Grants and Fundraising

Purpose:  Seek and obtain grants and other funding that will aid the development and maintenance of the CMP in accordance with the long-term plan.

·         Research grant possibilities

·         Write and obtain grants

·         Monitor grant compliance

·         Work with other sub-committees to fund identified priorities and goals

·         Coordinate with the Cuchara Foundation to write and obtain grants

·         Keep BOCC and Advisory Committee informed

Community Outreach

Purpose:  To provide activities and events that will enhance community awareness and enjoyment of CMP.

·          “Host” community periodic conversations in each population area of the county to answer questions and get feedback: Cuchara, La Veta, Walsenburg, Gardner

·          The purpose:

o   Engage community members to promote CMP

o   Communicate CMP plans – current and future

o   Gather information regarding community members’ feedback, hopes and desires for CMP

·         Enlist and train volunteers as needed for various activities

·         Work with other sub-committees to promote CMP goals and activities

·         Communicate community information to Advisory Committee and BOCC

·         Plan and implement public activities at the CMP

o   Ribbon cutting/open house “meat and greet” – July

o   Guided tour/nature talk – maybe August

o   Ongoing activities as appropriate and possible

Public Relations

Purpose:  To develop, use and maintain communication systems that enhance awareness and appreciation of the CMP.

·         Provide communication to the public about the park and activities that are there

·         Establish a positive image in Huerfano County and beyond, including branding, use of a logo

·         Promote CMP goals and activities through various available media

·         Write and submit information to various available media: newspapers, Spanish Peaks Country, Cuchara Foundation blog

·         Establish and maintain an updated web site and facebook page

·         Work with other committees to promote CMP goals and activities

·         Develop materials and communication channels to promote CMP

·         Keep BOCC and Advisory Committee informed

Documents, Policies and Operations

·         Propose roles, responsibilities and leadership structure of the Advisory Committee to the Board

·         Propose and establish official documents for structure, organization and operation of CMP Advisory Committee

·         Establish, propose and monitor policies regarding the operation of CMP

·         Create and oversee calendar of events

·         Develop a framework for tracking goals and work for the committee and enlist the subcommittees to fill in and file the same framework for their work

·         Monitor events, programs and activities for compliance with policies

·         Work with other sub-committees to promote CMP goals and activities

·         Ensure compliance with county rules and regulations

·         Keep BOCC and Advisory Committee informed


·         Establish relationships with important components of Huerfano County including organizations, businesses, governmental entities, community services and others

·         Maintain consistent communications to promote and provide/share information with community liaisons about the Park

·         Gather needed input fromm community to share within the Park’s organizational structure

·         Ensure the community’s ideas and desires are represented in the decisions about the Park.