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Mission Statement

Huerfano County’s Cuchara Mountain Park is an environmentally sensitive facility that offers year around opportunities for recreation, education, entertainment, special events and socializing, thus enhancing the welfare and enjoyment of its visitors and boosting the local economy.

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The Cuchara Mountain Park will provide:

 1. A beautiful, peaceful environment for residents and visitors to connect with nature

2. A variety of year around recreational opportunities for all ages and abilities

3.  Outdoor venues for social gatherings, festivals and entertainment

 4.  Indoor facilities for education, entertainment, community and private events and for informal socializing.

5.  Expanded opportunities to use and enjoy the national forest through collaboration with the USFS. 

6.  An attractive facility with activities and events that appeal to tourists and provides an economic benefit to Huerfano County

7.  A year around public park created and maintained to limit its impact on the environment.